Southside Inc. in concert.

Brit rock with a french touch.

It all began in Savoie, France...

Southside Inc. is a collaboration between French and British musicians, based in the Alps, France.

This cultural musical mix of experienced artists has produced a rock-pop-folk group which is destined for the big stages and the public eye. The group brings together a wealth of raw music passion and professional experience. From concert halls to festivals, Southside Inc.are sure to get the crowd singing and dancing! 

Armed with foot-stamping British style rocky-pop songs and a sprinkling of acoustic folk tunes for good measure, Southside Inc. will take you on journey to musical heaven.

What you get...!!  This guitar-centered fusion is on a joint crusade to get you jumping! If you love the sound of an electric six-string being played at top volume, melodic solos which scream out, all topped with gritty vocals, then you can thank your lucky stars that you found this group! 

Southside Inc. have got busy plans for this coming summer '22. Covid hasn't been easy for any group during recent times, but this group aim to be as active as possible this year! Mainly playing in concerts and festivals throughout the Auvergne Rhone-Alpes region in France, but you'll see them also playing on the national music circuits all over the country.

This recently formed group will be making their debut appearances in many towns this year! Don't miss the chance to experience a Southside Inc. concert, you will regret it!

You can't teach charisma, attitude and passion! But you can listen to it. So here's your chance to do so.

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